Electricity can be used to heal bacterial wound infections

Fight bacterial infections using electricity? It is possible according to a group of researchers at the Indiana Center for Regenerative and Engineering who have developed a type of dressing that uses an electric field to stop the infection on bacterial biofilms.

The study, published in Annals of Surgery, describes the system based on an electric field that directly treats bacterial biofilms. The latter are thin and slimy films made by bacteria that form on wounds, in particular burns or surgical infections.

It happens that these bacteria generate a small amount of electricity through which they basically communicate and multiply, which naturally makes treatment more difficult.

The new dressing, on contact with the body fluids that come out of the wounds, is able to generate a volt of electricity independently, a very low amount that does not create any problem for the patient but instead counteracts the bacteria.

This is the first study to show that “the bacterial biofilm can be destroyed using an electroceutical dressing”, as Chandan Sen, one of the actors involved in the study, points out. This new dressing has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.